6 Best Fishing Rods for Bass 2018 – Top Models Reviewed

With these best fishing rods experience fishing like never before!

Wondering how to find the best fishing rod?  All your worries end here. While you read this post, you will know exactly, what you are looking for and how to find it. So stay connected.

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I have often seen people buying fishing rod briskly. They neither spend the time to think about their need nor do they look for more suitable somewhat sustainable options. It’s a mistake; I tell you that.

The fishing rod is not just any tool or accessory; it’s as important as to know your bait will be set.

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6 Best Fishing Rods/Poles for 2018

1. Entsport 2-Piece 7-Feet Casting Rod Graphite Baitcasting Fishing Rod

best bass fishing rod

The Entsport is a two-piece, 7 feet long casting rod. It’s a very popular portable bait-casting fishing rod.  Lightweight yet strongly built to cast a bait. The Entsport is by far the best bass fishing rod in the market.

This bait fishing rod has received massive likes and is becoming popular with bait, crank and jig fishers. Priced at a nominal $50 this fishing rod is available online between $30-$40 after discount, which is not at all bad given its features and all the right things it offers.

Highlighted feature:

  •    Alternate top rod piece, each with different power
  •    Carbon casting and portable travel design
  •    Solid build to provide maximum strength and high sensitivity
  •    Corrosion resistant  hood made with quality aluminium
  •    Perfectly placed  non-corrosive guide for a friction-free flow provides  max performance
  •    Ergonomically designed to give comfort and full support to reel seat

The only negative review about this rod that I heard was that you cannot catch a big fish with it. If the fish you catch is massive, the rod tends to break. Well bait fishing, it just says it all. Not spin fishing rod, please.

2. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel CombosTelescopic Fishing Rod

best telescopic fishing rod

This fishing rod from Plusinno comes in combination with the reel as well. So what you get is a telescopic carbon fibre fishing rod and reel along with fresh water and salt water kit.

The reviews of this product have been excellent throughout. People like it very much especially the beginners who have just started their fishing experience.

The fishing rod combo and kit from PULSINNO is regarded as the best telescopic fishing rod and has customers pooling their positive response.

Even those who just bought and are yet to use it, seem very happy with it’s sturdily built and quality.

Let us review its features first to determine its worth:

  • The manufacturer is offering the product as three different variants of combos.  One a full fishing kit with carrying bag, second is just the combo of a fishing rod and reel and third is a complete fishing kit with accessories. Cool!
  • The fishing rod is made from carbon fibre of high density along with fibreglass that makes the rod sturdy and durable.
  • Reel seat is made using stainless steel making it anti-corrosive and has a comfortable grip.
  • The medium power portable telescopic fishing rod is compact and easy to carry.
  • It has instant high strength anti-reverse gear, aluminium spool and a capacity of the large line.
  • Manufacturer is providing a 12 months warranty on his products.

Only one constraint which I found could be little rather harsh given such a good product will be its cost. The fishing rod combo can cost you something around $40-$75; can be much for beginners.

best cheap fishing rod

Well as I say, this is the pocket-friendly bait casting rod that saves you from the embarrassment of borrowing one from your neighbour every time you go fishing.

The GTG is famous for its low price high quality built that is suitable for medium and heavy surf casting. Considering its features (which I will pen down below), it is the best cheap fishing rod that you can count on.

Now, coming down to what the GTG has to offer:

  • Comes in a two piece easy to carry travel design and two different top pieces having different models as well.
  • This 5.9’ carbon cast fishing rod is highly durable and powerfully built.
  • Its super cool design made using carbon fibre gives maximum strength but still is lightweight making it very sensitive.
  • Reel seat is comfortably covered and secured with high-grade aluminium
  • The fishing rod comes with 6+1 guides spaced correctly for a frictionless line flow.
  • The EVA is high density providing the rod greater sensitivity and control.

All in all a customer satisfying budget solid fishing rod that comes with even more excellent customer support from the manufacturer.  Till date, I haven’t come across any fisher who would not have appreciated this masterpiece.

Fishing Combos

I am frequently asked, especially by beginners as to which fishing gear and accessories they should choose or are there any ready to use the customised fishing kit, just as we have in other sports.

My answer to them in only one, Go for the best fishing rod and reel combo. And which is that? Without question the fishing combo and kit offered by PULSINNO. ( For more details you can read the second point of my post.)

best travel fishing rod

If you love to travel and fishing is on your cards while you travel then you have to carry your fishing equipment along with you. This calls for lightweight, easily detachable and portable fishing rods.

In this regard, I find the PULSINNO retractable telescopic fishing rod the best travel fishing rod.

Well, you will be curious to know why I say so since there is a lot of other makes in the market. There are many reasons, and I will tell you the same as you read on.

But one of the supreme quality that makes it the best in its category despite some drawback is that it’s very lightweight yet durable and easily portable.

So let me highlight some of its key features for you

  • It’s telescopic saltwater non-corrosive fishing rod. ( note: it’s not a combo, so you need to buy the reel and holder separately)
  • Made from high-quality carbon fibre
  • Attractive design,  durable and skillfully made
  • The guide inserts are made from aluminium oxide.
  • Collapsible, easy to carry
  • Ideal for travel Saltwater and bait fishing

But one thing I don’t understand, people are saying a lot about its durability, strength and power. As far as I know, this one is mainly made for travel fishing. People that choose to fish when they go on vacation.

Now I doubt those complaining about it might be on vacation every day. Sorry to say that, but travel fishing happens ones in a while, and keeping that in mind this is a value for money comfortable to carry the fishing rod.

best inshore fishing rod

By name its sounds so saintly, by God.  Well its purpose does justify its name. The St. Croix Mojo is typically an inshore fishing rod.

When you talk about inshore, it means quite water sea with about 30 meters depth, where you sit quietly in your boat, drop a line and wait to fight a fish that comes to eat your catch.

So basically the best inshore fishing rod need not have to be very typical inbuilt or heavy.  It should be simple lightweight and give a clear catch. Just that!

So my pick is the St. Cronix Mojo which a premium quality inshore fishing rod. Its building will instantly give you a luxurious feel (well it must as it costs you around $120-$150).

Made from SCII graphite, it is designed primarily for inshore fishing. It is highly durable and gives superior performance.  The guides are made using high-quality aluminium oxide with a stainless steel 316 frame.

Well, there is not much to tell about this as it’s a new kid on the block but is quite impressive in performance. If your budget is not a constraint, you must try this for a premium luxury inshore fishing experience.

best ice fishing rod

Ice fishing gives you a chill right! But many enjoy ice fishing. Catching the fish in froze river or sea by drilling a hole in the ice is no less than an adventure.

To the love of ice fishing, I give you the best ice fishing rod: Fenwick Aetos. Marginally prices about $40-$50, the Fenwick is by far the most successful ice fishing rod.

Fishing rods that you sue in salt water or fresh water are made from different material.

Give you will be using the rod in water at below freezing point, the Fenwick spinning rod for ice fishing is made from titanium, with titanium inserts as well.  It is ultra sensitive to feel the backbone of the fish since it is tough to handle the fish in the catch during ice fishing.

Reel seat made with a Fuji skeleton and a high- end blank construction, making the spinning rod, sensitive, lightweight yet mighty.

I prefer calling it the fast and furious ice fishing rod, and indeed it fits well. It comes in three variant, ultra-light, mid/Lt and Heavy/Mid. You can pick the one according to your needs.  Overall a good product with better customer support and service response!

Types of Fishing Rods

So, first I will tell you about the different types of the fishing rod (many of which you don’t know of) and when to use them.

  1. Surf fishing rods, these are ideal for beach fishing, and a vast range is available in the market.
  2. Lake and river fishing rods, those that can also be used in jetties and harbour fishing as well.
  3. Spinning fishing rods for shore oriented lure spinning
  4. Rock fishing rods that are common in  bait fishing
  5. Telescopic rods for fishery are perfect for limited space and fishing on the go( travel)
  6.  Multiple piece rods for comfortable carry while travelling are ideal for fishing on vacations
  7. Boat fishing rods, they are categorised according to different types of boat fishing  like
  •    Spin reel fishing where the boat has a spin cast,
  •    Overhead fishing rod for boat fishing in deep sea,
  •    Jigging deep sea boat fishing rods,
  •    Fishing rods for a vessel used in game fishing or chase fishing big fishes.
  • Popper fishing rods primarily designed to catch GT fish, Tuna and Kingfish.
  • Egg fishing rods designed exclusively for Egi style of fishing

Well, now you see how each category or type of fishing required a different fishing rod. So keeping your form, you must pick the best fishing rod in the market.

For your help and guidance in finding the perfect fishing rod as per your requirements, here is a brief review of types of fishing rods commonly demanded by fisher across the State.

How to Choose The Best Fishing Rod

Another important aspect on which new and experienced fisher both get confused is how to select the best fishing rod.  Well, I agree it is indeed confusing, and with so many options in the market, it is an even tough job.

So I have few suggestions for you. These will help you sort your wish list to a minimum and select the best fishing rod.

  1. You must understand you equipment specification well. Knowing the length of the rod, kind of reel you will need, the weight of the rod and the fishing action you choose to draw the line.
  2.  What type of fishing you like and where you prefer to fish. This is important because fishing in salt water or fresh water, beach, bait, ice fishing etc. they all require different fishing rod altogether.
  3. What is your budget, at times fishing rod are available to vary prices along multiple stores near you. At times you get best deals online. Yes, many online portals offer best fishing rods at significant discounts and with much better offers.

There is so much more but cannot say it all in one post. So I will keep you updated with all the latest fishing gears and accessories that will help you enjoy your sport. I keep looking for the best being offered.

One thing of all I enjoy the most is to look for great deals; I like value for money equipment.  But what is more important is that you get a perfect fishing rod, although I haven’t come across that one masterpiece, so I keep any masterpieces (LOL)

Well, I guess this should be the right piece of information for you to pick up the best fishing rod.

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